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  • Add unlimited products
  • Bulk upload products in CSV/XML/Excel format
  • Easily manage inventories from multiple suppliers
  • Automatically import catalogs from multiple suppliers and merge it into your website
  • Product search engine
  • Cross-sell related products
  • Stock quantity linked with shopping cart
  • Photo gallery for every product
  • Change product image resolution on the fly
  • Merchandise products on any web page
  • Preview product images before publishing
  • Multiple pricing levels
  • Members only pricing
  • Save time with bulk price adjustments
  • Display sale and new items
  • Multiple product variants
  • Enterprise supplier manager defines feed formats from 3rd party vendors
  • Classify products by manufacturer & supplier
  • Advertise featured products on homepage and category pages
  • Detailed description of every product
  • Explicit glossary of product details
  • Brand based selling
  • Product reviews
  • Rapidly build product pages that exactly match your design
  • Use XSL tranforms to display merchandise to effectively sell your brand.
  • Easy to modify templates
  • Fully customizable HTML
  • Web based WYSIWYG editor
  • Customizable, professional quality designs
  • Create and arrange product display order
  • Easy to use administration tool
  • Make advanced changes without hiring a web designer
  • Display category and sub-category graphics
  • Automatic backups of templates in case you need to roll back to an old layout
  • Stream videos
  • 3D Ad Rotator to showcase your newest merchandise
  • Can integrate with any payment gateway to accept credit cards
  • Standard 256 bit or EV SSL certificate
  • Automatically calculate shipping costs based on cart weight & dimensions
  • Sales receipt with company logo emailed to customer
  • Wizard Style Checkout
  • Fast 1 day funding (with selected merchant accounts)
  • Be notified via email instantly when customer attempts checkout. Merchant can assist shopping checkout
  • Flexible options for international merchants
  • Configure web to use specific merchant account
  • Alternative Google Checkout and PayPal checkout options
  • Create custom payment methods (fax,mail, phone)
  • Securely hosted in the world-renowned "One Wilshire" building in Los Angeles
  • Distributed servers with optional high availability, memory cached layer for lightning fast page loads
  • Optional secondary, mirrored datacenter for Tier 1 customers with auto DNS failover
  • Free, regular software updates
  • Zero-downtime network
  • Multiple redundancies with two network providers
  • Redundant Cisco firewalls
  • Biometric security scanning restricts access to server
  • Certified Cisco & Dell network technicians available
  • High grade bandwidth
  • Nightly tape backups with 90 day retention
  • 24 X 7 X 365 server uptime monitoring
  • N+1 Redundant HVAC system
  • Fully redundant, enterprise-class routing equipment
  • Opt-in emailing tool
  • Create separate mailing lists
  • Manage multiple e-mail campaigns
  • Target emails by criteria. ie: inactive customers, recently purchased, etc...
  • Monitor e-mail campaigns automatically or manually
  • View time & date prospect responds to email
  • Personalize campaigns. Automatically insert prospects' names into the ad to grasp attention
  • Schedule campaign send dates
  • Detailed reporting
  • Phone order system availability
  • Multivariate (A/B split test) testing
  • Full SEO support
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Customizable META tags and page titles
  • Customizable ad design tool
  • Fully configurable layout
  • Extensive library of short, easy to follow video clips walking you through the control panel
  • 24 Hour e-mail support with emergency phone support
  • Intuitive administration
  • Extensive knowledge-base product documentation
  • 6 easy step quick start guide
  • No prior knowledge ecommerce necessary
  • Quick personal support. We make every effort possible to answer your questions and solve your problems
  • SSL certificate included
  • Only authorized personnel granted access into account
  • Auto-log off
  • "Members only" log-ins
  • Encrypted database with encrption keys stored in separate servers. Even if the database was obtained, decrypting the information would not be possible, as the keys are stored elsewhere.
Customer Experience
  • Immersive customer shopping experience
  • Gift wrapping, gift message, and other packaging ideas
  • Coupons and gift certificates
  • Exclusive discount offers
  • Wish list feature
  • Invite/e-mail a friend feature
  • Site feedback survey reports
  • Intuitive streamline checkout
  • Customers may shop logged-in or anonymously
  • UPS/USPS/FedEx Integration
  • Customize customers’ printable packing slips
  • Print bulk packing slips on desktop feature
  • Tracking number emailed to the customer
  • Select from multiple shipping methods
  • Restrict certain options within one’s advantage
  • Restrict orders to specific countries
  • Ability to integrate shopping cart with UPS, USPS, and FedEx
  • Configure shipping and handling charges on specific products
  • Customizable shipping rules and fees
  • Incorporate flat rate and/or free shipping offers
  • Up-to-date control panel with new features and functionality
  • Customers notified of software updates
  • Free daily software updates
  • Existing records kept fully reliable during upgrades
  • SLA contract available upon request
  • Consistently updated product documentation
Customer Tracking
  • Manage customer’s detailed information
  • Retrieve past and recent order history
  • Filter customer’s contact and order history by search engine
  • Analyze customer’s average order value analysis chart
  • Watch customers’ shopping cart live
  • Unlimited coupons
  • Detailed reporting showing the revenue generated for each coupon
  • Cost of revenue reporting to see how discounts affect your bottom line
  • Limit the number of times a coupon can be used
  • Enable and disable coupons anytime
  • Discount by percentage of order value or fixed dollar amount
  • Product specific coupons
  • Set a minimum order value before coupon activates
  • Export coupon list and revenue reports to Excel
Sales Manager
  • Easily promote merchandise
  • Place bulk products on sale
  • Discount prices by dollars or percentage
  • Watch shoppers’ shopping carts live
  • Detailed and up-to-date analysis trends
  • Google analytics
  • Business intelligence tool to calculate maximum selling point
  • Target most profitable products using profit maximizer
  • Up-to-date price fluctuations charts
  • Keep accounting records
Order Management
  • Categorize orders history according to dates
  • Ability to edit orders
  • Archive old orders
  • View traffic hours on websites
  • Full coverage reports on popularity of products
  • View most profitable merchandizing scheme
  • Printable packing slips for streamlined order processing
  • View abandoned carts
  • Order confirmation e-mails
Search Engine Optimization
  • Customizable title and Meta tags
  • Fully search engine optimized
  • Add unlimited categories and subcategories
  • Categorize products to infinite sublevels
  • Arrange the display order of (sub) categories and products
  • Easily categorize products by products name or part #’s
  • Specialized features for merchants with large inventory
  • Restrict the search to a specific category or product
Edit Web Pages
  • Customizable headers for each category
  • Advanced editing panel with or without HTML
  • Special rollback feature to undo any changes
  • Create multiple web pages
  • Insert images with our easy editor
  • Create promotional ads on webpage
  • Download complete website source code
  • Media manager
  • Upload multiple files at a time
Tax Options
  • Configurable tax schemes
  • Ability to exempt taxes for certain states
  • Save tax options for later use
  • Automated tax rates and calculations
  • Domestic and international tax calculations based on customer’s location
Advanced Store
  • Customize order representative message and shipping message
  • Provide link to UPS, USPS, or FedEx to track mail
  • Domain name before configuration
  • Unlimited sub-domain names
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