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Blazing Fast Pages
Never hear complaints of your site running slow again. We use Amazon CloudFront's globally distributed servers to deliver the fastest download speeds to your visitors, no matter where they are.

On top of that, we give our clients up to 800% more servers than any of our competitors, giving you unprecedented reliability and performance just like a big corporate site.

Servers include built-in redundancy to ensure your content is safe.

Top-Notch Professional Services for the not-so-web-savvy business owner at sensible rates.
We understand you have to run your business, not be overwhelmed by a web project. That's why we're the first company to offer professional IT help to all of our customers for rates as low as $19 for 15 minutes of consulting with no minimum.

Whether it's moving text & images around, or changing code, we cover anything you need that's related to your website or shopping cart.

With no minimum commitment, we put expert help within your budget.
No bars hold control over your website, even parts that are dynamically generated by the shopping cart that are traditionally regarded as 'uneditable'.
Real Control®
Moving beyond “fully customizable templates”. Use simple open standards XML to control how and when your products are displayed down to the HTML level.

This feature is ideal for growing businesses who has evolved their website from a more dated look. Aesthetics are important to you and you need a shopping cart that can faithfully reproduce an original artistic design.

Custom Product Attributes let you toggle on and off particular display elements or buttons for each product- You decide everything.
Not Available in Starter Deal
Step 1: Here is an existing website without ecommerce.
Anywhere Products®
Anywhere Products® lets you put products anywhere on your website, even existing html web pages on another website. Combined with our Real Control technology, Anywhere Products blend in exactly with existing page styles, and can look anyway you need. You have full control over the appearance. You can control the behavior of the product links to either go to the product details page, or just add the item directly to the shopping cart.

This feature is also ideal for reducing the costs of adding a shopping cart to an existing website. Instead of building a shopping cart based on the original website, products can be remotely 'injected' into the existing website, therefore eliminating redesign costs.
Personalized Shopping Experience
An intelligent software in the background quitely takes hints from a shopper's interaction with the website to build their profile. Using the profile, each visitor is presented with unique products that are more likely to pertain to them in the "Recommended Products" section of your website.
Revenue Optimizer
Revenue Optimization reports combines historical sales data with Google Analytics to show affiliates and search engines that drive the highest paying customers to your site.

Realize immediate cost savings by stopping ad campaigns that don't result in sales, and reallocating your budget to more effective advertisements.

Access the performance of your website. Diagnose sales problems, and determine whether revenue declines are the result of poorer traffic, or simply less traffic.
Not Available in Starter Deal
Advanced Multi-Supplier Management

Import any dropshipper or supplier spreadsheet directly with our Anything Spreadsheet® Excel importer. Powerful four stage importer ensures accurate, headache-free categorization of all your products. Product spreadsheets are passed through four increasingly precise, rule-based processors to ensure that every product is categorized correctly even when you have tens of thousands of products.

Not Available in Starter Deal
Memory Caching
When you need snappy response times, memory caching stores your entire website in memory, eliminating the need for slow hard drive or database access wait times.
Not Available in Starter Deal
Other Features
  • Unlimited products, images, and categories.
  • Search engine optimized URL rewriting, meta tags, and titles.
  • WYSIWYG web page editor with unlimited restore/backup to roll back accidental changes.
  • Integration with all major payment gateways
  • Customer stays on your store to checkout.
  • Personalized checkout. Website remembers previous addresses and payment methods used.
  • Order tracking, email order confirmations to both the customer and the merchant.

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